Irish and English products

We can supply products for a full English breakfast including authentic sausages, bacon, beans, black and white pudding, and jams.

Furthermore, we can supply other British products such as:

Drinks: WKD, Iron Brew, Lucozade, Galloway Hooker ales, Crabbies, Newcastle Brown Ale, BrewDog Ales, Magners, Stowfort press, Guinness, and Strongbow.

Crisps: Walker chips, Big-D salted and dry roasted nuts, Smith bacon, and scampi fries.

Sauces: HP sauces, Worcestershire Sauce, Sarsons Vinegar shakers, Hellman’s ketchup and mayonnaise.

Other: Cadbury chocolates, Barry’s and Yorkshire Tea, Branston Pickle and more.

High volume products

We have very competitively priced products:

Oils: Levo oil 20L can, Levo Grenada 20L can, Levo oil Boxes, Frisia and Frappant frituur Oil, Summun Oil, and olive oils.

Drinks: Corona, Desperados, Sol, Smirnoff, Coors light, Koppaberg strawberry line and mixed fruit, Magner original, berry and pear, Somersby Apple and blackberry, Redbull, Heineken 50L kegs and bottles, Lowlander beers, Pago fruit juices, Oceans Spray Cranberry juice, Elm Springwater, Earth Water Still and Sparkling.

Other: Bolius Candle red and green, glasses, sauces bottles and sachets, lime and blackberry cordial, HP and Heinz Beans, Dill chips, Jalapeno’s, Tortilla chips, Tabasco, Milk, Elite coffee cookies, sugar and honey sachets.

Cooled and frozen products

We supply a range of cooled and frozen products:

Cooled and frozen bacon.

Different sizes of burgers.

Irish and English breakfast sausages.

A range of fries, hash browns, and onions rings.

Dutch and Irish Cheeses sliced, grated and in blocks.

High-quality vegetarian products and burgers.

Chicken burgers, hot wings, strips, and bites.

Other products such as black and white pudding, Yorkshire puddings, soda bread, butters, sour cream, guacamole, ribs, and ham.

Non food pProducts

Cleaning liquids: dishwasher liquid, decreaser and window cleaners, oven and grill cleaner, general purpose cleaners and bleach, floor and toilet cleaners.

Other: Straws, glasses, bamboo skewers, latex gloves, napkins, refreshing towels, garbage bags, toilet and general purpose paper.

Liquor bottles

We supply alcoholic bottles such as Bombay, Gordon, Hendricks gin, Erikstoff, Smirnoff, Absolut Vodka, Irish, Scottish and American Whiskey’s, Tequilla, Rums, Liquors, and more.